A Review of Periphery by Alexx Bollen

18127917This book will change you. You may question your sanity before the end, and you will certainly question the author’s.

Periphery is a complicated book, but therein lays its charm. Alexx Bollen is a masterful wordsmith, and the prose of this story is surpassed only by its, sometimes very subtle, layering. The use of metaphor and the duality of, not only the language, but the very nature of this world, creates a compellingly weird drama with the central theme that all experience is dependent on the perspective of the observer.

This book inspired me to think of alternate dimensions (as inaccurate as that term is), and pulled me into an all too familiar dervish of existential confusion and ponderance about the nature of reality.  The observer effect has long been an interest of mine and I suspect the idea will remain at the forefront of my mind for some time to come, all thanks to Periphery

Small orange plastic dinosaurs notwithstanding, there is much you can miss if you lack the correct vision.

Buy the book and check out Alexx’s other work at his website, and follow him on Twitter.

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