Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science; A Review

I really enjoyed this book. Not necessarily my all time favourite, but it’s definitely in the top 10. If you consider yourself informed on the science of medicine, or even just the scientific method…you need to read this book.

Ben Goldacre is witty, supremely knowledgeable, and an excellent author. I am now far wiser on the perils of big pharma, medical science reporting in the media and homeopathy. I share Goldacre’s disdain for the hijinks of the nutrition and vitamin industries, and for homeopath pseudo-intellectuals who pass bad science off as gospel truth.

Goldacre’s writing style does take some getting used to, what with his use of common British idioms and some colourful language. His point, nonetheless, should be heeded by everyone, especially since general health and wellbeing are at the forefront of everyone’s mind these days.

He will teach you, the layman, the in’s and out’s of interpreting the technical jargon of the most complex scientific studies and press releases. More than that though, he’ll teach you how to spot bad science in today’s world of information overload.

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