Earthquake Lights; A Ground Breaking Mystery

A great rumble breaks the silence of an early morning sunrise as the Earth’s crust heaves and cracks.  Buildings creak and sway, windows break, furniture collapses and people begin to take cover.  It’s an Earthquake, and it’s a common experience in some parts of the world.  While Earthquakes can strike literally anywhere on Earth, there are places that are prone to a great deal more tectonic activity than others, and in the wake of the terrible tragedy in Japan this spring, one cannot help but conjure images of death and destruction.

Earthquakes, with all their destructive power, are still a mystery to science.  Or rather, certain elements of earthquakes are a mystery. Geologists have a firm grasp on the mechanics of tectonic movement, and of volcanic activity, but there’s more than one aspect of the phenomena that still makes them scratch their heads; and Earthquake light is one of them.

Often described as an aurora, similar to aurora borealis in the arctic, Earthquake light is a strange phenomenon that has been reported to accompany earthquakes of various sizes.  Events as early as the 1965 earthquake swarm in Nagano, Japan, have been accompanied by reports of strange lights in the sky immediately preceding or during such tectonic events.

Damage caused by recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan

At least one such event has been looked at through the eyes of the UFO-logy community and deemed suspicious.  On 23 January 1974 in the Berwyn Mountain range in North Wales, England, a very strange light was seen in the sky, just before a great rumbling in the ground.

Eye witnesses reported the incident as an airplane crash, though some claimed it was no airplane.  Some claimed to have seen non-terrestrial craft, and even alien bodies. The event is officially dubbed the Berwyn Mountain Incident, but it’s also gone down in history as the British Roswell Incident.

Much investigation has been done to find truth in this event, the Institute of Geological sciences (now the British Geological Survey), registered at 3.5 magnitude Earthquake that day, over a wide area of North Wales, but experts could not agree on the cause of the earthquake, whether it was tectonic or volcanic activity, or a meteor impact.  The official story is that this was a case of Earthquake light preceding a tectonic event, though, in spite of a search by local police and an RAF Rescue Team, to look for craft and/or impact craters which yielded no results, the UFO-logy community has had some difficulty swallowing the official story, especially since earthquake light is just as mysterious as UFOs.

Conspiracy theorists are now grabbing hold of the idea, especially in the wake of reports that earthquake lights were seen just prior to the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami, and are suggesting that there is a sinister plot involved.  For years now, conspiracy theorists have been blaming the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program or HAARP for a host of natural disasters and other phenomenon, and one can’t help but draw a line connecting the idea of earthquake light and HAARP, though seeing a possible connection is only one part of the puzzle.

Jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and located in the arctic, HAARP’s official purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the prospect for developing ionospheric enhancement technology to improve radio communications and surveillance around the globe.  But whatever the official story is, conspiracy theorists are adamant that HAARP’s true purpose is much more malevolent.  A great many people are convinced that HAARP is developing technology and weaponry that can cause earthquakes with pinpoint accuracy, among other such ideas.

Whatever the cause, strange lights continue to be reported in conjunction with earthquake activity and few answers are being offered to explain these odd occurrences.  Is it a natural phenomenon, is it extraterrestrial in nature, or is it a man made weapon?  My guess is that we’ll never know the whole truth, no matter how transparent the government wants us to believe they are.

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