Free Will by Sam Harris

For such a small book, Free Will certainly packs a punch.  Sam Harris has presented a well thought out argument for the illusion of free will.  His main point, as I see it, is another example of a first cause question.  He argues that the origin of our thoughts precludes freedom of will, in that every thought, desire or choice is the product of neural conditioning resulting from/influenced by our genetics and past experience.

I’m not sure I buy his premise.  While I’m impressed with the semantic idea: “I want this, but I don’t know why.” I fail to see how this negates any idea of free will, but perhaps this is my own failing.  One thing I do agree with is the notion that sin is predicated on the existence of free will, which is something I think few people recognise.

For the cost of the book, it’s a natural must read, even if you don’t buy into his argument, it’s well worth the effort. I give it three out of five.

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