Here on Earth, by Tim Flannery; Reviewed

As almost a sequel to his best selling book Weather Makers, Tim Flannery has presented what many would call a cogent argument against our borderline Medean society, in favour of a Gaian outlook.

This book has received high praise from the standard reviewers, even enjoying a listing as A Globe and Mail – Best Book of the Year.  But I can’t say I agree with them.  I don’t necessarily disagree with the science of Here on Earth, but I wasn’t impressed with the manner in which that science was presented.  Aside from a few interesting anecdotes, I didn’t really take much away from this book, and that may be my own failing, not Flannery’s.

I certainly didn’t find it to be paradigm shifting or life changing, as some of the printed appraisals on the back cover made it out to be.  In any event, it is well written and easy to follow, and for those interested in ecological politics, this is the book for you.  I give it two out of five.

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