International UFO Cover-up…Will We Ever Know?

Roswell, New Mexico, July 7, 1947; without even the slightest explanation, you know precisely what happened in that rural area on that day.  It would be hard to find a person who doesn’t.

Of course, it’s the famed site of the original UFO crash site / government cover-up conspiracy.  It’s the true origin of the ultra-popular Area 51 urban legend(s), it sparked the imagination of every school boy, house wife and creative minded charlatan from one side of the continent to the other.

To follow suit with the now coined ‘Roswell Incident’, the equally famous and viral alien autopsy video served to stir up even more fervour for the close encounter experience.  Everyone has an opinion about aliens and UFO’s, some are more educated than others, some are outright ridiculous and some are so uncannily believable that just hearing the story makes your skin crawl.

Hollywood has done its share of harm and its share of good for the case of both UFO believers and sceptics.  Blockbuster movies, dramatic television miniseries and paranormal reality shows have saturated our popular media with conflicting ideas about whether there really could be life outside of earths little bubble.  So much so that the question itself has become blurred in the mind of the layman.

If you were to casually ask any person on the street if they believe there could be life on other planets, I bet you’d get a response in the affirmative more than 80% of the time.  The same question asked a different way; ‘do you believe in aliens and UFO’s?’, I’m betting would bring you ridicule and a wide variety of answers in both the negative and nonsensical!

Herein lies the real conspiracy; what’s the difference between an alien and life on another planet?  Not much in my mind, but the governments and media of North America have been waging a PR campaign against two words for nearly 50 years.  Those words, of course, are ‘alien’ and ‘UFO’ (Yes, I realise UFO is not a word, it’s an acronym, but you get the picture).

Even NASA has gotten in on the group riot, by removing programs such as S.E.T.I. and replacing them with such endeavours as high powered think tanks, with the grand purpose of determining the probable locations for microbial life on other planets.  Did they make these changes for any logical reason? Not that I can see; it seems they made them to appease the agenda United States Government.

The government, through the mass media outlets it uses to pull the strings of the public, has effectively made it taboo to even discuss such topics in, shall we say, mixed company.  But, in spite of their efforts, the underground movement of UFOlogists has flourished in the shadows for half a century, and is now a burgeoning industry with a cult following greater than Britney Spears fan club.

In the face of directed efforts to quell this 21st century subculture, the cooperative conspiracies of the world’s powers have succeeded in reinforcing our collective belief in intelligent life on other planets.

The question of whether they’ve been here, whether they are known to our governments, and even whether they are interacting with our populations in some way, is largely irrelevant to most people who hold a belief in their existence, since our leader’s have shown an exaggerated and capable propensity for lying to us when it matters most.  No, the question on the mind of the average believer is not if, but why.

Why do they keep this information from us?  Why do they hide and work within the shadow of black ops and secret bases and unlimited government power?  These are the questions we may never have answers for, and these may be the questions that are most important to our survival.

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