Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe – Reviewed

With the intention of forwarding an inclusive Theory of Everything (or TOE) Talbot has weaved a convincing argument. Enfolded reality, interconnectivity, auras and frequency matter.  These are just some of the concepts put forward in The Holographic Universe.

This is a well researched and well executed book, though I found myself doubting many of his assertions.  Talbot is utterly convinced of the value of his theory and while much of what he writes feels intuitively correct, anyone versed in physics knows that much of reality is counter-intuitive.  But despite my doubts I did enjoy this book.

Talbot has done much research in the realm of the paranormal, and it’s nice to see someone trying to bring that which is considered woo into the fore of natural science.  I’m not sure I completely buy his entire hypothesis, but I do sympathise with Talbot’s position. I give The Holographic Universe three out of five.

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