The Face of the Demon; A Preliminary Examination

A full year of hell on earth, demonic torture and self directed spiritual warfare; a family plagued by the hellish whims of a purely malevolent entity and their struggle to survive what could have been their last days in life or sanity.

I recently made the acquaintance of a humble and strong woman who leads a broken family through the daunting task of healing the emotional wounds of a demonic encounter.  Her story is compelling, and fantastic, and as far as my discerning mind can see, her story is completely true.

As much as that lead in might draw your attention, the purpose of this piece is not to retell this tragic story, that I will save for larger venue. No, what I bring to you today is a preliminary look at some of the photographic evidence presented to me in support of the startlingly unbelievable events that tore this family apart.

I will provide you with a small amount of background information, but largely, I will leave interpretation of the photos up to you.  While you examine this evidence, please bear in mind that my experience in law enforcement, my training in statement analysis and my level of photographic proficiency all came into play when I was initially confronted with the details of this claim.  Speaking as a professional investigator, I cannot come up with an alternate possibility for what is pictured in these photos.  I cannot even come up with a reasonable method for reproducing the effect, and as such I will walk you through the reasons for that failing after the images have been presented.

Over the period of a year, between July of 2006 and April 2007, the family (whose names I will not release at this time) was bombarded with a complete spectrum of demonic events; beginning with emotional influence, then moving onto physical and auditory phenomenon, and eventually to all out warfare.  The horrors this family survived were very real and very dangerous, and at every opportunity the mother (who we’ll call Angela) did her best to control the situation, but to no avail.

The entity acted out at its own discretion, vandalising the home and everything in it, destroying belongings, setting fires in inexplicable ways, emptying the contents of the family refrigerator and spreading foodstuff all about the home; stacking furniture and other smaller items, barricading doors, knocking, growling and eventually attempting to physically harm each family member with violent attacks while they slept.

In the end, this family of four was broken apart, while they all fled the home in terror following one of the most violent and dangerous events, Angela and her husband separated under the stress.

The following photographs are a small sampling of four images captured by the youngest daughter during a late night event.  As with many other poltergeist and/or demon type hauntings, electrical systems and devices seem particularly prone to their influence, and on the night in question, October 12, 2006, the entity had isolated the youngest daughter in her bedroom and began manipulating the lights and television in the room.  The commotion alerted the sleeping girl to the event and following futile attempts to control the situation by turning lights off and unplugging the television, she found herself in complete blackness as the entity cut power to the entire room.  Thinking on her feet, the girl remembered her digital camera and tied to use the flash to illuminate the room.  Of course, the inadvertent effect of using the flash to see her surroundings was that the camera captured some amazing images and what follows are the results.

Note:  The images have not been altered in any way; the file names are original as is the file Meta data.  Angela has proclaimed with complete humility, that the photos are authentic.

You’ll note immediately that while there is an amount of light from the flash reflected on the artefact in the photo, it also seems to emanate its own light energy.  You’ll also find that it is transparent while also having mass, shape and depth (notice the frame of the wall photo can be seen through the edge of the artefact).

What seems odd is the repeating pattern that is obvious in the upper left quadrant of the artefact, it resembles a photo in itself; a super-exposure of a single image imposed onto the overall frame, though the rest of the frame shows no similar effects that might be consistent with multiple exposure.


Again, notice the transparency and the trend of the repeating image within the artefact.  Also note the complete lack of distortion and movement in any other area of the frame.  The camera was held still at a medium shutter speed, which should mean that all of the movement characteristics in the artefact are unique to the artefact.


This photo illustrates the bands of light energy emanating from the core of the artefact.  Notice the intricate lattice structure and the fairly obvious depth of the artefact in the field of view.



To my mind this is the most spectacular image of the set.  Again, showing transparency, depth, mass, movement and its own light energy, and, if you examine the trailing end, it appears as though the artefact is projecting out of the television screen.

With “Angela’s” permission I invite further analysis of these photos, for my expertise is in capturing the images, not in defining the content.  Each reader is encouraged to examine what is presented and conclude for themselves what is genuine and what is false.  The background I have given is truthful to the best of my knowledge and the photographs are offered as entirely authentic.

For further information on the background of the events or for information about the expected timeframe of releasing the entire story, please feel free to leave comment or contact site administration through the contact form on the left of the screen.

Edit note: November 28, 2009

Since the posting of the above article, of which I amit that I may have been overly charitable with the subject, I have concluded, with the assistance of my colleagues at the Paranormal Studies and Investigation Canada faculty (PSICAN), that the above photos are most probably not genuine.

This may come as an obvious admission to some, though to others who have supported the idea that there is something unexplainable pictured in each frame, I offer that a valid explanation has been determined.

Specifically pertaining to photograph #1, it has come to my attention through closer examination, that this picture is not of the same set as the latter three.  The texture and apparent colour of the wall shown in the background is inconsistent with the remaining photos, which does not necessarily exclude it from consideration along side the other three, nor does it even really suggest that it was not taken in the same room (a room that may have a single wall of a different texture and colour), though this discrepancy coupled with the fact that the unknown artifact pictured here is also inconsistent with that shown in the latter three pictures, indicates that is should not be considered to be a genuine member of the original set.  This does not necessarily speak to an explanation for what is pictured in this particular photo, though it has been suggested that in this case, photographic or computer manipulation seems likely.   Therefore, it becomes likely for this photo alone, that the party responsible for capturing the image acted with the intention to deceive.

A great deal of discussion and examination took place, by me and on behalf of me through PSICAN regarding the three other images, as these images are, as outlined above, inconsistent with the first photo.  It was pointed out to me that a hair or fibre could have become trapped in the plastic trim of the camera involved, with a portion of the hair or fibre’s length extending off of the cameras surface and placing it in very close proximity to the lens, and possibly directly in front of (or in the path of) the flash housing; wherein upon activating the flash and shutter, light from the flash would have illuminated the hair or fibre as such, and the close-up nature of the capture would account for the oddly deformed structure of the artifact.

In the case of photo’s #2 through 3, I would reasonably conclude that the story relayed by the witness could be true and accurate, however the photos are not a representation of that.  This explanation leaves room for both deliberate deception and accidental or unintentional misinterpretation, though when weighed against the first photo, one can hardly ignore the likelihood that the people involved sought to deceive and deliberately manufactured either the story, or the photos or both.

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