The Grand Design, by Stephen Hawking; A Review

I quite enjoyed this book. It seems Hawking and Mlodinow make a dynamic team. Much of the information provided is a rehashing of previous works by Hawking and by many other physicists, but their conclusions were surprisingly new and understandable.

Not only does this book provide more food for thought, but it could be paradigm shifting, and should be read by anyone who might call themselves informed on physics and cosmology.

My only complaint would be that the final chapter, the one which draws those new conclusions, seems unfinished. Their point is delivered and then…the book just ends.

As already mentioned, it’s a worthwhile read, I just would have appreciated more commentary on the overall point. Either way, the evening that I finished the book, I found my mind wandering about the landscape, awed by the idea that of the possible universes, our is such that stars and planets could form, that heavy elements could be created, and that biological life could develop…but most inspiring is the idea that from all that chaos could form beings who are capable of questioning, analyzing and understanding all of these details. Who needs God, when we have the world.

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