The Greatest Show On Earth, A Review

The Greatest Show on Earth is by far the Greatest Book Ever Written (well, at least by Dawkins’). Having his entire collection on my bookshelf, I am in the common position to compare this to all his other works, and I feel that I am safe in declaring that The Greatest Show on Earth should be required reading in all high school curricula.

In contrast to my usual complaint over Dawkins’ work, this book is joyfully free (for the most part) of secular preaching, and provides one of the most comprehensive and easily digestible explanations of Darwinism, evolution and evolutionary biology that can be found anywhere.

Being a fan of Dawkins, I would be likely to offer a recommendation for any volume in his collection, though this book is, in my humble opinion, quintessential to understanding the complex, beautiful and entirely necessary science of evolution, (in lieu of pursuing a doctorate in biology)

I give The Greatest Show on Earth five out of five…Buy it, read it, recommend it!

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