The Montauk Monster Strikes Again…and Again…and Again

Missouri’s Monster (Courtesy

Of nearly worldwide renown after its first sighting in Montauk New York in July of 2008, the aptly named Montauk Monster has been a busy little…well, whatever it is.

To date, there have been upwards of 15 sightings of such a creature, always dead and always in an advanced state of decomposition.  But until recently, the creature sightings have largely been confined to the beaches in and around Montauk, though, as has been reported on the Montauk Monster official website, these critters seem to get around. reported on May 25th, 2010, that a couple had found a dead animal resembling the Montauk Monster in Central Ontario (Canada).  This furry fella has been dubbed “the ugly one”.  On June 8th of the same year, the site reported another sighting, this time in Missouri, and the latest report dating from October 4th 2010 states that an unidentified “monster” had been found dead on Silver Sands Beach in Connecticut.

Ontario’s “Ugly” Monster (Courtesy

I recently came across a newer sighting report via twitter, but am unable to locate the page at the time of writing.  Clearly something interesting is going on with these reports.

As to the question of what they are, one must first determine if all the creatures are of the same species of animal.  Mainstream science has declared that they are nothing more than deceased racoons, sea lions and wild dogs, bloated and rotting in early stages of decomposition.  But others feel differently.

The most recent reporting (Courtesy of

The prevalent explanation from conspiracy theorists has been that the creatures are escaped genetic experiments, washing ashore from the work being done on the mysterious Plumb Island, which is now for sale.  The speculators say nothing of the problem that arises with these newly found specimens, as they could hardly be said to have washed ashore in central Ontario.

In any event, the Montauk Monster meme has shown its staying power in popular culture, and the ugly creatures have found a place among the Loch-Ness Monster and Bigfoot in the ranks of cryptozoology.

I have to wonder though, if anyone’s really scrutinising the situation with an open mind.  If one takes the time to read through the reports, including taking a closer look at the photo evidence, I suspect we might find that these are common animals that have died of natural, yet brutal causes.

It’s difficult for experts to provide definitive answers when

Plumb Island, reportedly now for sale

faced only with photos of the creature.  The situation requires physical evidence that can be analysed and perhaps tested against the DNA of other known species.  What’s dismaying to me about the Montauk Monster and his kin, is that the remains have never yet lasted long enough to afford such scientific scrutiny.  Nearly every accounting ends with the mysterious disappearance of the carcass before investigators can get their hands on it.

So, until someone with a mind for science and the means to do something productive with the corpse happens upon another example of this weird creature, I fear we’re faced with nothing more than a few off putting pictures.

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