Unified Theory – For the Paranormal

Albert Einstein spent the latter half of his life in pursuit of his elusive unifying theory.  He was looking for an explanation for everything, a way to tie what was known, with what was yet to be discovered.  Alas he died before such a theory could be found.

Some would see that as a sad story, as a testament to the life of a genius wasted in vain pursuit of what, at the time, was an unattainable goal.  Einstein didn’t see it that way however, and neither should you.

Einstein pursued truth more than anything else, he sought the answers to life’s puzzles and more often than not, found them deep within in his own imagination.  He toiled with an almost religious dedication against mathematics, physics and cosmology, and in the end provided us with the framework of our continued scientific development well beyond the futures of our great grandchildren.  He laid the foundation for mainstream acceptance of atypical and even outright weird science, which in-turn allowed scientists who might otherwise have never realised their potential to study the subject of their respective passions, and we are all richer for it.

Einstein’s legacy was one of unified acceptance and broad understanding of the key concepts of physics and cosmology.  He, near single-handedly, disarmed the superstitious sceptics and installed a genuine curiosity for things not yet understood.

The Paranormal is one such element of our world that is yet to be understood by science.  It is no surprise that religious entities continue to hold tightly to their reign over the supernatural, though they seldom provide adequate explanation for what is fast becoming an issue of science and academic study.

It seems, from the sidelines, that the paranormal world needs an Einstein of its own; a scientist of courage and passion and dedication to finding answers to some of our more elusive and mysterious plights.

We long for a unified theory of our own, for scientifically produced and supported definitions, for regulated study and examination, for standards of evidence, for protocol and rule and reason.

A call can be heard in all corners of this field of study, a call for the bar to be raised.  Those at the heart of the issue feel a need to separate themselves from the religious, from the fundamentalist and from the amateur; and while the amateur holds the potential to shape the future of paranormal culture, he, like all the others, would benefit from a distinction between the arm chair quarterback and the real deal.

A unified theory or a unifying set of theories would serve to define the classes of enthusiast, professional and opportunist within our circles.  It would provide those of us with a passion for the truth, with a vehicle for pursuing that truth while inhibiting the deleterious work of the dogmatic faiths.  It would open lines of communication between academic houses and open the door to acceptance within the core of the scientific community.

As it stands today, amateur theorists, hobby ghost hunters, fortune seeking opportunists and poorly funded researchers are pooled together, to the effect of muddling the waters of exploration. Theory after theory is presented, though few are given due examination in the light, and none are accepted as elements of the truth.  We need to silence the voices in order to hear the truth.

There is a first step to be taken, though that first step has eluded virtually everyone within and without the community; at times it seems regulation and enforcement are key to organizing the various schools of thought, though seldom does bureaucratic involvement do more than slow the process of learning to a halt.  Symposium and counsel have been tried, and in rare cases have succeeded in becoming more than a Las Vegas spectacle, but the medium is less than efficient.

The power of the internet is, without question, our best resource; but a way must be found to filter, academically censure and disseminate the right information to the right people.  Misinformation is the cancer of the internet and our culture is more prone to its influence than most would admit, and as such we are currently ill-equipped to install such a vehicle without disruptive revolution.  Politics and the pursuit of scientific truth mix like water and oil.

This issue has legs, and it has memory, and until we find our Einstein we are bound to its direction and fate.  The answers are out there, keep looking and in our time, we will find the means to unify the Paranormal.

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