Using White Light to Ward off Spirits and Ghosts

White light meditation is a visualisation technique that’s been used for centuries, for the protection of persons and places against spirits, ghosts and so-called demons.

Typically this is done by an experienced Psychic or Medium, as their meditative skills tend to be more developed, but the practise can be used by anyone.

The idea behind is it quite simple; so simple some may find it silly or difficult to believe in, but those who use the technique proclaim consistent and effective results.  Visualisation, as has long been touted by the metaphysical science community, as an effective way to manipulate the energies and flows of energies around us, by (and some argument can be found on this) adjusting the frequencies of your aura.

We needn’t get into a metaphysical debate over the dynamics of auras and energy flow, as I’m neither qualified nor interested at the moment.  The important thing to remember is that through visualisation you can achieve a protected state and remain safe from potentially harmful energies.

I realise how that sounds, and trust me, I no more like sounding like an incense burning guru than you like reading about it, so lets get down to the nitty gritty.

While we try to ignore how it works, let’s focus on a step-by-step guide to getting it done.  This too can be the source for some argument, but generally, the following guided meditation will help you to find your minds eye and to use White Light Meditation to avoid conflicts with spirits and/or ghosts in your surroundings.

Use the following White Light Meditation Script to build a barrier of protection around yourself and your family:

  • Find a comfortable position, preferably lying down, in a quiet room with no distraction.
  • Lay flat on your back, relax and close your eyes (I would suggest reading the rest of the meditation script first though)
  • While you lay there, use your imagination (your minds eye) to look around the room; be aware of the space, the air, the sounds and the smells in the room
  • Slowly bring your awareness inward, envision yourself laying on the bed (or wherever you are), see the position you’re lying in, see your face and hair, and body, and begin to focus on your own image
  • Now let your awareness explore your arms, hands, legs and feet, be aware of where they are and what position they’re in
  • Bring your focus inside now, become aware of your breathing and your heart rate, and move your focus up into your head

Now that you are relaxed and in a meditative state, you will begin using white light.

  • Using your minds eye, visualise bright flowing white light streaming from the centre of your forehead, slowly at first
  • As you gain control over the light, where it goes and how quickly, you will begin to wrap the light around your body.  Let it envelope you and cover you like a warm blanket
  • Let the light flow and surround you for a few moments, enjoy the peaceful feeling and using your inner voice, declare that your white light is a barrier that cannot be crossed by anything or anyone who is not welcome
  • Make your declaration with confidence and strength, you control the light and you control your mind
  • As you lay there, wrapped in your protective white light, visualise the light expanding away from your body, filling the room.  Every corner, and crevice, let it expand to leave no empty space in the area
  • Push beyond the boundaries of the room and allow your white light to spill into the rest of your home, let it encompass your family and your property; providing a protective blanket over your entire life
  • Maintain your expanded white light blanket for several minutes and make your declaration a few more times.  Always be confident and strong in your declaration, believe what you are saying and mean it

Now that you’ve achieved a protective white light blanket, it’s time to set it in place and bring your focus back to yourself.

  • Slowly pull your focus back toward your body, consciously visualising the white light blanket remaining in place
  • Visualise your body, lying on the bed, where you arms, hands, legs and feet are
  • Draw in a deep breath through your nose, and slowly let it out through your mouth
  • Open your eyes and rest a moment, and enjoy the calm

That’s it, you just completed your first white light meditation, and you’ve provided an effective spiritual protection barrier around you and your family.

Get into the habit of doing this on a regular basis, maybe once every month or so, and you’ll find it easier and easier to visualise.  You may also find that you’re able to enter a deeper state of meditation after a while, which is a good opportunity for you to begin some more advanced meditative techniques.  Do a Google search for meditative scripts for many different functions.

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