Virus of the Mind; The New Science of the Meme – A Review

When I bought this book I was specifically looking for material on Memetics, and I found it puzzling that Chapter’s had classified it as New Age & Occult. I know that others supposedly like it, at least other books dealing with Memetics, are typically found in the Science section. Having just finished the book, I now know why I found it where I did.

Even though I’m new to the subject, I found the first several chapters to be a somewhat rudimentary introduction to the topic, and then the self-help sales pitch hit me.

I wanted to learn about the emerging science of Memetics, not be issued value judgments on the validity of one meme over another. The author is quite witty and I did enjoy reading it, even though I grew tired of his shameless and pretty much constant self-promotion. Given the choice again, I think I’d choose another title .

I gave this book two out of five.

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