A Personal Haunting Experience by Guest Author – Lura Ketchledge

Guest Author Lura Ketchledge is a self described “Accidental Psychic” and author, she has written a number of books on hauntings, spirits and ghosts and is an inspiration to those sensitives who find themselves reluctant to come forward with their own accounts of psychic phenomenon and ghostly encounters.

The following is one of her experiencs:

This morning I was jolted awake, not by my alarm clock, not the dog barking or the phone ringing, but a spirit hovered near my bed five feet or so from my body.  I wasn’t scared; I didn’t jump out of bed and run down the hall screaming like a mental patent.

You call it a spirit a ghost or a dead person trying to make contact with you.  This soul that came to me was in the shape of a bubble or ball.  It was white and somewhat transparent in color although I knew it was dense.  As I spoke to this soul it floated, almost glided ever close to me.  It was above me, not far from the ceiling, maybe two or three feet above my body.  This ghost or spirit wanted to be seen, it wanted me to know he or she was there.

It had been a month since I had seen a ghost.  That’s a long time between visitations for me.  I usually see one a couple times a week.  It was also a disappointment because this spirit did not identify itself to me, and I didn’t have a clue as to who they had been when they were a live.

The last ghost encounter at my farm didn’t go so well.  About four or five weeks ago, a ghost tried to come in through my bedroom window.  He looked just as human as you or I, except all the pigmentation on his body and clothing was gone and he was all white!  The man was tall and lean with an angular face, and he was old.  The first thing he said to me was ‘Let me in’.  As I tried to prevent him from coming inside my bedroom, my heart was beating out of my chest.  It was past three am, pitch black outside and I was home alone.  The next thing the ghost said broke my heart; he said ‘When can I go back to work?’  Right then and there my fear dissipated and I knew the poor man was lost and confused.  I told him I would come outside to talk to him.  He walked in a circle on my lawn just outside my window then he faded away.  I would like to say that I bolted out my door to come to this poor ghost’s aid but I did not.  I sat in bed for an hour before I ventured outdoors with my flash light and a very sleepy dog at my side.  There was no ghost; no trace of who I had seen, except for the realization that the ghost did not know he was dead!

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