A Universe From Nothing, by Lawrence Krauss – A Review

A Universe From Nothing.  At first glance this book seems to be a treatise on the science of cosmology, but the happy surprise is that Lawrence Krauss presents a cogent and relevant argument against Creation.  Using science as a sword he carves out a picture of nothing and explains how something from nothing is not only possible, it’s inevitable.

I admit that I didn’t fully understand all of the science, though this is no fault of Krauss, his writing is eminently readable.  The subject matter therein is, however, highly complex.  From the cosmology of the Big Bang, to the curvature of the universe at hand (which happens to be as flat as can be measured), to the quantum weirdness of quarks and protons popping into existence from the nothingness of empty space.  These topics are mindbenders to all but a select few people.

To clarify my understanding, I may pick this book up again in the future. According to Richard Dawkins (who wrote the afterword for the book) this is a seminal piece in the battle between science and religion, so a second reading might be warranted.

Despite the fact that I didn’t grasp all of the subtle nuances of the science, I do recommend A Universe From Nothing to anyone wishing to find answers to the philosophical question of First Cause.  It is a journey worth taking.

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