Bimini Road, A New Look At An Old World

Discovered in 1968 by deep-sea explorer -J. Manson Valentine, Bimini Road’s is an oddly compelling story.  Not really a road by any means, Bimini is actually an island in the Bahamas’ archipelago.  Just off the north end of the island is what some believe is ancient evidence of the famed lost city of Atlantis.

Approximately 3500 years old, the underwater structure consists of hundreds of rectangular slabs of limestone, laid in a line running northeast-southwest, and forming what resembles a road or a wall.  Recent dive expeditions have yielded interesting results, bringing large odd shaped stones to the surface.  Some adventurers have found what they believe are ancient nautical anchors, some dating as far back as 3000 years, which makes them an enigma in-and-of-themselves.  If they truly are nautical anchors, then they are evidence of a nautical culture some 2000 years before the first record of such activity.

What makes Bimini doubly interesting is the reason why some think this site is related to Atlantis.  None other than the Sleeping Prophet, Mr. Edgar Cayce, predicted that Atlantis would again rise from this location in 1969.  This prediction is eerily prescient as word of Valentines discovery came in the early part of that very year.

Located just more than 84 kilometres off the coast of Miami, Bimini rests just inside the north-western border of the Bermuda Triangle, though mainstream geologists contend that the structure of Bimini is entirely natural.  It is claimed that the Bimini Road stones are beach rock that has been shaped by the tides and left strewn along the seabed.  Though not everyone believes the mainstream conclusion; as you read this, there are several competing explorers trying to raise funds for future expeditions at Bimini, all in an attempt to answer the puzzle that is Bimini Road.

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