A Short History of Nearly Everything – Reviewed

An immense and somewhat overstated book. A Short History of Nearly Everything is heralded as imminently readable and I beg to differ. This is not a book for those less well versed in the natural sciences. Nevertheless, I did enjoy it, and I tell you now, the title is not inaccurate. This is, quite literally, a history of nearly everything, from physics, cosmology, meteorology, geology, biology, and everything in between. I come away feeling a slight bit smarter for the experience, though I wonder if such a book would be better written in multiple volumes.

Bill Bryson, the eminent travel writer has impressed with his comprehensive research and universal approach. Bryson is, if not slightly misanthropic, a gifted author, and I recommend this book to anyone who wishes an in-depth review of the humanities, though the layman might find it to be more a sleep-aid than a learning experience.  Bravo Mr. Bryson.

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