Evil, A Primer – A History of a Bad Idea

Evil, A Primer, is exactly what it is held to be, a neat little book that discusses Evil in all its forms. It is definitely an introduction only. though as the title says, it is just a primer.

William Hart treated this subject with the style of a poet and the mind of a scientist and the result is a highly readable introduction to one of humanities deepest philosophical debates.

“[Mankind] is fueled by a kind of existential rage that itself explodes forth from the cold knowledge that, though we humans have been bred to play among he planets and gaze upon eternity, we still are fated to die like any insect.”

So succinct a commentary of the human condition has scarcely been seen before. For my part I offer a 4 out of 5 rating and would recommend this book for anyone who wishes to delve into the philosophies of humanity

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